MAC Aircraft Sales

Aircraft Sales from MAC Air Group – Jet & Single Engine Sales

Whether you are looking to purchase or sell a single engine aircraft, turboprop or a large corporate jet, our experienced sales team is on hand to help evaluate your needs.

Each year, an increasing number of our sales and aircraft listings are from referral or repeat customers–a testimony to the quality of our sales assistance and post-sale attention.

Let our sales team go to work for you.

888.359.7600 (Toll free in USA) or 207.780.1811

MAC Aircraft Acquisition Services

The purchase of an aircraft is a major commitment that should be carefully considered. MAC Air Group’s team provides professional step-by-step assistance through the entire aircraft acquisition process, from analysis to completion.

  • Determine aircraft requirements
  • Evaluate number of aircraft available
  • Evaluate current asking and selling prices
  • Records research and review
  • Analyze acquisition costs and operating expenses
  • Evaluate financing options
  • Inspection process and delivery acceptance
  • Hire and train flight crews or maintenance technicians
  • Turnkey management available

888.359.7600 (Toll free in USA) or 207.780.1811